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Years of experience as a family owned and operated funeral service provider.

Unlike large conglomerates, we are characterized for offering personal attention and empathetic touch. We are part of Kansas’ history and we responsibly embrace the challenge of serving our unrivaled community.
We are positive that every life deserves a celebration
That is why, we make our best to help you choose the perfect final farewell for a loved one, or even plan one for yourself.
We will customize the perfect arrangements for you, so it will fit your budget, tradition, and style. We offer from traditional funerals to cremation services. You can be 100% sure that your life celebration is going to be unique and special.
We are also aware of how important are our veterans, and we honor them providing the greatest care and honor to them. We will help make arrangements, from burial or entombment in a veteran’s cemetery to full military honors.
As for those who care about the environment, the green burial or direct cremation are the perfect options for you or your loved one. It eliminates the use of embalming. Cremation, no matter the type, is very environment-friendly, and still represents a very dignified farewell.  
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