We provide professional cremation service at affordable prices. We listen to your needs and will help you personalized a service that reflects your wishes.


We try our best to make s easy as possible for you to organize an appropriate and meaningful cremation service for your loved one.

Contemporary Cremation:

It is similar to a Traditional Funeral with the body present (embalming), and viewing. The cremation takes place after the ceremony. It is possible to use ceremonial casket (rental) or cremation casket. Besides, the selection of urns available.

Traditional Cremation:

In this service the memorial is limited viewing (no embalming) and the cremation takes place as soon as paperwork is completed. Selection of urns available, as well as the choice of minimum container or cremation casket.

Direct Cremation:

In this service no ceremony is done, neither embalming. Minimum container or cremation casket is needed. The cremation occurs as soon as paperwork is completed. May request a visitation or a memorial gathering with no ceremony. Selection of urns is available.

Green (Natural) Burial:

No embalming is done. The viewing is limited. Refrigeration is used until the day of burial and may use the Natural Burial Section at Oak Hill Cemetery in Lawrence. You can choose the natural burial caskets and containers you prefer.